a hit is hard to resist and i never miss.

i can take you out with just a flick of my wrist.

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Name: Jondy (aka X5-210)

Age: 20

Date Of Birth: 11/30/2000

Character Physical Description: Petite, curved but athletic.
Height: 5'2
Weight: 110
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde, but she often dyes it. It has been black, brown, red, and even pink-streaked. It has also been a variety of different lengths and styles.

Character Skills: Agility, speed, enhanced hearing and vision, ability to leap high (often used to scale fences), trained in hand to hand combat and weaponry, can go for long periods without sleep, knows the pressure points on the human body to render someone unconcious.

Character Personality Description: Despite appearing small and delicate, Jondy is not a person you want to mess around with. She is fiercely loyal and will fight to defend herself or her friends in a heartbeat. She is not a person who trust easily. She is aware of her good points and is confident to the point of being cocky, which, on occasion, has gotten her into trouble she has either charmed or slipped her way out of. She's got the traditional Manticore wit, but can also be very sweet to you if you're on her good side.

Brief History: After escaping in February of 2009, Jondy bounced from foster home to foster home for about three years before getting sick of answering to her various foster families and started fending for herself in New York City. At first she tagged along with another group of runaways but eventually went out on her own. Since then she's moved from city to city - New York, Boston, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, and, most recently, San Francisco. Like most of her brothers and sisters, Jondy is a skilled thief, though she prefers to pick pockets as opposed to breaking into people's houses and robbing them. She currently works as a bartender and has also worked as a waitress, a clerk, a massuse, and even briefly as a security guard. About seven years after the escape, Zack found Jondy in Chicago and told her about the others he'd found, giving her a contact number for him and the others. After that, she left messages whenever she could, desperately wanting to try and keep in contact, but had only managed to meet up with Tinga, Syl, Krit, and Zane. Zack found out about her meeting up with them and cut her off from the contact number, also letting slip how Max wasn't in on the contact number either, which made her very angry.

After the Eyes Only broadcast telling the X5's they'd been compromised, Jondy temporarily relocated to Chicago, staying there for about six months before moving back to San Francisco. After watching the news coverage of the Jam Pony hostage situation and recognizing her sister, she packed up and made her way to Seattle, where she is currently working as a bartender at Crash.

Other Notes: Enjoys fashion, an unusual characteristic not commonly seen in the X5's. Often hitchhikes or steals cars to get around. In her free time enjoys practicing gymnastics and dancing. Wears heels whenever she can get away with it. Prefers living in cities. Due to her feline DNA, will go into heat two or three times a year. Because of a genetic defect, she will occasionally get severe seizures.

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