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a hit is hard to resist and i never miss.
i can take you out with just a flick of my wrist.
I don't think the past couple of days could have been any more complicated if they tried. First Max went into heat and called me asking to pick her up so she wouldn't end up infecting Logan. So I do that and we run into Logan on the way out and she tells me not to tell him, so I end up having to lie. Cut to me and her spending the day at the apartment and me trying to keep her occupied while Logan's blowing up her cell phone with calls, the calling me when Max doesn't pick up her phone. Then some time after Logan called, he came to the apartment and he and Max were arguing and crying through the bathroom door until I dropped a hint and he got it, aplogized, and left. I don't know why she didn't just tell him in the first place.

I mean, I get why, I guess. But Logan understood right away, and it didn't seem like the past was even an issue. I don't think what happened the last time she went into heat even crossed his mind, he just wanted to make sure she was okay.

I love them both, but God, those two make things more complicated than they need to be.

Despite all the drama, it was kind of nice to spend time with Max. I've really missed her over the years. And now that I have one of my siblings back in my life, I'm wondering how I managed to go so long without having someone there who I could connect with. It kind of made me realize how lonely I've been over the past decade. I mean, none of my foster families wanted me - I didn't get along with their kids, or I was too quiet, or I was too loud. And I've had roommates and friends and jobs, but none of the relationships I've had with them have been permanent. They've only lasted as long as I stayed in the city I was in. It's been different here. There's people here who are like me, and in the few weeks since I've been here I've found my big sister and best friend and met many people who's involvement in my life are hopefully going to be more permanent.

I'm getting off track. Anyway, Max got a text from a guy named Pulse and since she was incapacited, I went out to save him. He was pretty nice. Cute, too. And it was nice to get a break from Miss Angst-A-Lot. (I love her, but it's true.)

Ugh. I'm starting to get shaky, even as I'm writing. I need to find more Tryptophan, soon. I really hope Max's dealer is still around.

Current Mood: drained drained
Current Music: warning!, incubus

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Talk to Jondy.
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"This is Jondy. Leave it at the tone."
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The name's Jondy. I'm about twenty years old, give or take a year. You're probably wondering what the hell kind of person doesn't know how old they are, but that's kind of what happens when you were born in a lab and they're more into training you for the army than celebrating your birthday.

I was born and spent half my life in a place called Manticore, but blew that popsicle stand when I was about nine and have spent my life bouncing around ever since. Bouncing to different cities, families, homes, and so on, trying to keep myself out of trouble and mostly succeeding.

I'm a nice girl if I like you, and chances are I will unless you mess with me or my family. Since there are people in Seattle who are doing just that, that's where I'm headed next.

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